Payment Policies

Tuition Payment: Payments are due by the 15th of each month and considered late on the 20th. On the 20th of each month, a $25 late fee will be assessed.

Child Care Assistance Applicants: Parents who are interested in receiving Action for Children should submit the applications prior to child(ren) attending STBU. If you desire for your child to attend while the application is being processed, all tuition and fees are due until an approval letter is received. Please be advised that the approval letter must reflect full child care. We do not accept Child Care as a part time option. We will only consider the application if parents pay the difference by the start of the program.

Refund Policy: If your child is dismissed because of violation of the behavior policy; no refund will be given. There are no refunds given for any days of student non-attendance (i.e., illness, absences from school, school closures, COVID quarantines or school holidays). Additionally, if your child is withdrawn during an installment period-no refund will be given.

Pick-Up Policies

Pick-Up: Please notify the STBU staff upon your child’s departure any pertinent information or concerns that might affect your child’s day. Children must be picked up at the designated entrances and exits ONLY.

Pick-up Authorization: A list of ADULTS who are authorized to pick up the child(ren) or who should be called in case of an emergency is required and should be updated as necessary.  STBU is not responsible for releasing children to an individual that should no longer be allowed to pick up child(ren), if there has been a failure to update the file as necessary. Any adult not on the list will not be allowed to pick up the children from STBU until staff has the parent’s consent. If necessary late fees WILL still apply while waiting on consent. Authorized persons must also have a current photo ID in hand with them upon pick up. You may add or remove names to the list as frequently as necessary by notifying the staff via email or in person.

Late Pick-up: STBU after school program is finished promptly at 6:00pm. In the event that a parent/guardian or the responsible individual arrives after the agreed time, a late fee of $2.00 per minute will be charged per child. Late fees will still apply even with advance late notice. This fee is due at pick-up or prior to the start of the next business/program day. If any discrepancy regarding these fees arise, please address all concerns at the time the fee is given, keep in mind that time and fee is non-negotiable and based on the designated staff person’s time given.

If by 7:00 pm STBU staff has not been successful in contacting a guardian/parent or any emergency contacts listed in the child(ren)’s file, STBU staff may contact The Department of Children Family Services (DCFS) and or the Chicago Police Department to report that the child has been abandoned. Your child will then be released to either of these services and a report will be written. After 7:00 pm the parent of the child(ren) released should call the STBU director to obtain any additional information regarding the child. 

*Please keep all phone numbers and emergency phone numbers updated to avoid this.*

Weather & Business Maintenance Policies

Inclement Weather: In the event that a school building must be closed due to poor weather, STBU programs will not be provided for children. The school may also be closed for scheduled maintenance or repairs and we may have to close. Although this is rare we will do our best to notify all parents promptly.

Personal Property and Lost & Found

Personal Belongings: Please label all clothing and extra items sweaters, swimsuits and caps, towels, lunch bags, umbrellas and Camp T-Shirt. Other items such as water bottles, lunch pails, etc., should also be labeled to make it easier for staff, children and parents to identify lost items.  STBU urges parent(s) and/or guardian(s) not to send children with expensive games and/or toys. 

Cell Phones/Electronics: STBU provides a structured program, it is recommended that cell phones and tablets be left at home. If your child brings any devices with them and the device is lost, stolen, or broken STBU is not responsible.


Medical and Non-medical Emergency Policies

In case of an Emergency: Emergency plans and procedures have been developed to deal with fire, natural disasters, the loss of power, heat, and water. In the event that the program cannot continue because of the mentioned circumstances; STBU will contact parents/guardians in a timely manner for arrangements to be made for timely pickup of their child(ren).

In the case of an Extreme Medical Emergency: In the case that your child(ren) has an injury or illness that requires immediate medical attention, STBU will call 911, then notify the parent(s)/guardian(s). If for any reason the parent(s)/guardian(s) are unable to be reached, STBU will call the emergency contact number that is listed on the registration and emergency card. STBU is not responsible for any medical attention bills. Hence, children are required to have insurance. In more serious cases where the child needs to be transported immediately he will be transported by ambulance to the closest neighborhood hospital.​

Insurance Offered by STBU: STBU offers liability insurance by Farmers Insurance. STBU does not offer health or life insurance to children and/or families. Every child in Illinois is offered insurance by Health Care for All Kids.  More information can be retrieved about Healthcare for All Kids at

Medication: STBU staff will not dispense any medication under normal circumstances. If medicine must be given to a child during child care hours, the parent must complete a written medication consent form authorizing STBU staff to administer medication to the child (this form will be kept in your child’s file). The prescribed medication must be in its original container and made out to the child, along with a written record and instructions of usage, any expired medication will not be administered.

Sick Child Policy: These guidelines have been established for the comfort and well being of your child(ren) as well as the other children and staff:

  • Children who are sick or do not feel well should stay at home.

  • Parents/guardians of children who become ill during the child care program will be notified to pick up the ill child immediately.

  • Children will not be permitted to the program if he poses a significant health risk to other children and/or they feel so poorly that they require an excessive amount of attention from staff. 

  • Children who have rashes/ringworm, pinkeye and are excessively drowsy will not be permitted in the STBU program. Or will be removed and must be picked up from STBU premises immediately. A doctor’s clearance will be needed to return.

Behavioral and Discipline Policies

Behavior Policy: STBU reserves the right to suspend or terminate child care services when the health, behavior, welfare and safety of child(ren) are at risk. Service may be suspended for the following reason:

  • Child's inappropriate behavior at the program (i.e. stealing, fighting, bullying, causing program disruptions, defiance)

  • Chronic tardiness when picking up children from the program

  • Flagrant disrespect of staff by a parent or child

Discipline Policy: It is vital to the well-being and successful development of children that they have clear, consistent, and appropriate limits on behavior. STBU believes that a discipline policy and plan is necessary to ensure the safety, comfort, and accountability of the children. STBU focuses on two areas of importance: not hurting oneself or others, and respecting everything in the physical environment. We also set up the environment to minimize the necessity of limits, and share control with the children in the decision making process.

STBU’s first course of action is positive redirection, for instance a child may simply be directed to another activity. If redirection is not a successful method other strategies are utilized, which may include removing a child from an area, limiting access to materials for a brief time, or giving a child reflection time (time out) until the child is more in control and able to follow expectations and safety guidelines.  Reflection time is defined as time that the child sits away from other children no more than 5 minutes as an opportunity to reflect on their behavior and think of better solutions to their previous decision(s).

Media Release Statement

Something To Build Upon Inc. will take photographs, videos and audio of children in the program as they participate in activities, field trips, workshops, free time, etc. STBU’s primary use of your child(ren) images, videos and/or audio are as follows: STBU pamphlets, brochures, newspaper recognition, meetings, lectures, workshops, and/or website. Consent from parent(s)/guardian(s) is necessary in order for media to be used. There will not be any use of media with names and other personal information disclosed, unless discussed with the parent(s)/guardian(s) prior to media being used.